• SUNKIN Group Donated RMB 2 million for COVID-19 Prevention and Control
    Practicing the core values of efficiency and rigor, solidarity and cooperation, responsibility fulfillment, and dedication to society, SUNKIN Group was concerned about the protection and personal safety of frontline medical workers. Though unable to fight in the frontline, SUNKIN Group didn’t stop its pace in contributing to the society. On February 1, SUNKIN Group donated RMB...
  • 2016, endow and build Sunkin hope primary school
    In June 2016, Sunkin Group donated 1.5 million to Dingyun primary school in Guanling of Anshun, Guizhou Province to build the Sunkin hope primary school. The money mainly for reconstruction buildings, increase or replace teaching facilities, rescue poor students, reward excellent students or teachers, and etc
  • 2016, independent investment to establish Sunkin charitable foundation
    In 2016, with the greater investment of charity in Sunkin, Sunkin Group independent investment of 3 million to establish Sunkin charitable foundation.
  • 2015, relief difficult family, help Mengyao to open the hearing world
    Focus on disadvantaged groups is an important part of Sunkin Group’s philanthropy. In June 2015, Sunkin Group donated 80 thousand yuan to help Mengyao, the child of staff of Oriental Castle to treat her ears. At the same time, the chairman and general manager of Sunkin Group and the general manager of Oriental Castle were donated about 200 thousand yuan. In recent years, Sunki...
  • 2014, focus on the earthquake zone, donation of 1 million yua
    Sunkin Group focuses on disastrous situation which donated to disaster area many times for years. In 2014, Sunkin Group donated 1 million yuan to the earthquake area in Luneng, Yunnan.
  • 2010, Establish Sunkin charity fund
    In 2010, as the suggestion by the chairman of Sunkin, Hecun Fang and the general manager of Sunkin, Xinshan Fang , Qingdao Sunkin Real Estate Group Co., Ltd established Sunkin charity fund of 10 million yuan. In 2011, they increased the Sunkin charity fund to 25 million yuan, and the chairman of Sunkin, Hecun Fang established Hecun charity fund of 1 million. This is the biggest...
  • Support surrounding schools and peoples
    Sunkin Group actively participates in public welfare undertakings, visit and condolence surrounding schools and peoples in every Teacher’s Day, Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival and so on. The Xiaoshui primary school still uses the heating service for free. And not only that, in order to solve the employment problem, Sunkin Group provides Job opportunities to people whom in...