Sunkin · Auspicious Mansion丨The Demonstration Zone for Oriental Aesthetic Real-life Garden Is About to Open on September 4
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The greatness is worth waiting.

          A thousand wonders come as planned. The demonstration zone for the real-life garden at Sunkin • Auspicious Mansion is about to kick off on September 4. Sunkin • Auspicious Mansion is the masterpiece of Sunkin’s “Mansion Series”, which inherits the architectural techniques of Song-style gardens, to build the unique landscape garden of “Wangchuan Landscape · Twenty Scenes of Sunkin”. Now, the real-life demonstration zone is about to be unveiled.

Inheriting the ceremonies of a thousand years, concealing the charm of oriental mansions

         The demonstration zone for Sunkin • Auspicious Mansion will be built in the real-life garden. The design of the main axis, based on the Chinese traditional rites and the system of five-hall mountain dwellings, presents the beautiful concept of home. Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has been known as the nation of rite. “Rite” represents orders and rules, which is not only reflected in spatial order, but also in the various aspects of the social life. Overall, the rite culture includes “order” and “ceremony music”. At the opening ceremony, besides of the oriental garden which showcases “order”, there also will be wonderful performance of classical music, which will present the poetic elegance of “ceremony music”.

Besides, there will be many wonderful activities on site, including treasure hunt, hand-making bonsai, and ancient-style tea ceremony. You are very much welcome to be a part of this wonderful feast.

Image of Sunkin • Auspicious Mansion

An oriental feast of music, reproducing the national charm

         Music is the harmony of heaven and earth. China is a nation of ceremony music, and the system of ceremony music has existed in the entire history of the Chinese nation. Since Zhou dynasty, there is the clear system of “court music”. The music of Zhou dated back to 3,000 years ago is renowned as the music of Huaxia, which is the great masterpiece of the traditional ceremony music system.

         Ceremony music integrates rites, music, songs and dances, which pays attention to rites and respects elegance. At the site, there will be performances of guzheng, pipa, dance, sheng, Xiao, and Yangqin, to perfectly present the national charm. Among the lute and psaltery are in harmony, the performance of High Mountain and Running River, you will definitely feel like you were in a fairy tale. Today’s performances are the essence of months of hard work. At this remarkable moment, it becomes the focus of the whole city. The melodious rhythm, the lingering music, the artistic conception of “with pleased sounds the deer call to one another, eating the celery; I have here admirable guests; the lutes are struck, and the organ is blown for them”, bringing the atmosphere to the elegant gathering of a thousand years ago.


A gathering of pets, witnessing the natural ecology

        The birds sing; the deer hums. The auspicious animals gather together. The gathering of cute pets brings lots of fun to the scene. The whole demonstration zone will be built into a real-life “Wizard of Oz”, with thick forest and a sea of flowers.

        Sunkin • Auspicious Mansion holds a family party for the cute animals in the forest, the “Forest Friends’ Gathering”. Animals like parrots, peacocks, alpaca, deer, ponies, and rabbits are looking forward to meet you in this beautiful autumn day, to absorb the healing power of everything in this free territory, to share the mountain view, to cherish the gathering and company, and to have a lively and interesting natural course. The event is held for only one day.


The Wizard of Oz in the mountains and waters, to hunt treasure for fun

          Each family will receive a treasure map, which is the map of the garden, marked with 6 scenic spots. Each spot is hung with written notes of different verses. Those who find the corresponding notes with the treasure map can receive a beautiful gift at the sales office. The event lasts for only two days. Come and get your gift.


An elegant creation at the fingertip, splendor all over the garden

         The weeping willow that I planted in front of the hall, I haven’t seen it for years. Ouyang Xiu was obsessed with the hand-planting weeping willow. Chen Jiru in the Ming dynasty said, “Arranging flowers in the vase and stones in the pot, is actually a reflection of a peaceful mind”, which directly presents that the essence of hand-planting is to express feelings through works and aims to have fun.

         Bonsai as the mini landscape in gardens, showcases the greatness in smallness. A thousand miles are concentrated on a desktop, a tea table, or a flower stand. Through ingenious conception and careful maintenance, it can present different styles, colors, and artistic conceptions, as if it had a soul. A world is hidden in a bonsai, elegance shown from flowers and branches with unique charm. The activity lasts for only two days. Come and make your own bonsai as soon as possible, and decorate your home with your beautiful miniature world.


A trip to tea appreciation, the fragrance of tea lingers

          The Chinese tea ceremony began in Tang dynasty, prospered in Song and Ming dynasties, and perished in Qing dynasty. The Chinese tea ceremony emphasizes “realness”, which not only refers to real tea, real fragrance, and real taste, but also seriousness of every part of the ceremony. Place the dry tea leaves in the teapot, and boil the water, the fragrance of tea will immediately fill the room. Take a gentle sip of tea at the Lansheng Room, appreciate the green view by the handrails, fragrance of tea sent by the breeze, you will revel in this leisure.


The green mountain and clear water is where the heart lies, a city of peach blossom spring is here in the Auspicious Mansion

         Literary pursuit is the pursuit of a dreamy lifestyle. For the Chinese people, the best dwelling is in the east. On September 4, let’s gather at the fairy land of West Ludan Mountain in Lao Mountains, to witness the return of the oriental aesthetics.

Rendering of Sunkin • Auspicious Mansion

The construction area of the townhouse is about 205-220㎡

The construction area of the layering courtyard is about 165-190㎡

The construction area of the villa is about 125-155㎡

Customize the ideal human dwellings for the high-class families on the island

The demonstration zone for the landscape garden is about to open on September 4

You are invited to come and visit

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