A Summer Event of SUNKIN Group
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The morning rays shine into the house; the breeze blows through the half-opened windows; in front of the windows are luxuriantly green plants and blossoming flowers...This place of cozy life is where the homeowners of SUNKIN live. 

Houses are never cold steel and concrete, but a language containing emotions and warmth. From the landscape series to the garden series and to the mansion series, SUNKIN Group has always insisted on craftsmanship and delivered exquisite quality to build a beautiful life. After each homeowner moves in, SUNKIN Owners Corporate Service has been providing sincere and thoughtful services to support the future beautiful life. 

Designed for SUNKIN homeowners exclusively, the SUNKIN Life Festival unfolded from July 22 to August 28 will break the silence and make a grand summer event.

Star Mart, Fun Park

The well-lit and dreamlike Star Mart is just around the corner. These cozy night lamps will be connected to present an ocean of starlight.

Complimentary booth setup and decoration services for this Star Mart designed for homeowners exclusively will be provided. Original brands, handmade items, accessories, creative items, novel items...all these artisan products will be small blessings that you cannot miss!

After a busy day, you can take a stroll in the mart, meet your neighbors, explore art, and have a great laugh. Such a heart-warming neighborhood will surely leave beautiful memories.

Even Date & Time: Thursday to Saturday, 17:30 to 20:30

Summer Breeze 

As a red property service company guided by Party building, SUNKIN Service has been actively providing homeowners with more branded services based on the needs of homeowners.

The Xianshan East Road Community Party Committee worked with the Party Brand of SUNKIN Service and recruited a number of volunteers. A convenience service point for homeowners was set up in the Star Mart, where homeowners could have their home appliances repaired, kitchen knives ground and seniors hair cut free of charge.

From the moment of house delivery, SUNKIN homeowners have become family members whom we strive to protect and serve. We work hard to allow every owner to truly experience the warm service, and create moments of accompanying family members with practical actions.

Time of Event: Thursday to Saturday, 18:30 to 20:30

Sensational Party for Homeowners

We would wonder whether the owners might feel that the memory of this summer will be kept in a certain song, and when they hear a certain melody, they will think of a boy in a white shirt, running like a spring lightning...

The Summer Night Music Festival is coming for you. Can you feel it? Its so certain that its like the whistling wind! Sing along to the rhythm!

The hot summer will make one irritable, but this music event for SUNKIN homeowners will certainly bring refreshing coolness under the starry sky.

Interactive Lucky Draw

SUNKIN homeowners may receive a lottery ticket at the event site or property service center by the voucher page for interactive lottery drawing. The highest prize is one set of SUNKIN Dongfang City business experience card gift package! Exquisite gifts will be given out every night.

SUNKIN Group aims to create a beautiful home for all home owners with the coziest companionship and the most sincere dedication.

SUNKIN homeowners are thoughtful family members who live together. Since we are family members, we shall enjoy the benefits together.

At the event site is a SUNKIN Homeowner Offerings Area. All SUNKIN homeowners are entitled to exclusive offerings provided by SUNKIN Dongfangcheng, SUNKIN Wyndham Hotel and Runjiangshuihui under SUNKIN Group. Homeowners are welcome to learn more on the spot.

SUNKIN Garden Video Challenge

All SUNKIN homeowners who forward the SUNKIN Garden Video (the first video of SUNKIN Property Video Account) and receive a large number of likes will be given a RMB 8888 gift package of Dongfangcheng. Those who receive over 688 likes will be given a RMB 1499 family feast of SUNKIN Wyndham Hotel (including 3 seats of Chinese Restaurant + half roast whole lamb, the top 3 like receivers), and those who receive over 288 likes will be given a RMB 238 buffet coupon of SUNKIN Wyndham Hotel (the top 30 like receivers). More gift packages for like reception will be offered. The deadline for like reception is August 28, 2021.

 Time of Event: Thursday to Saturday, 17:30 to 20:30 (All the prizes involved in the event shall be subject to the actual distribution on site.)

Communities and Places of Event

The first stop of this event will be unfolded at Sunkin | Greenwood Village

Phase IV. The communities where this event will be unfolded are Sunkin | Greenwood Village Phase I to III, Sunkin  Guihua GardenSunkin | Blossom Village

 Sunkin Rose Gardenand Sunkin | Garden Village

(This SUNKIN Life Festival will be held in the SUNKIN’s delivered communities from 17:30 to 20:30, Thursday to Saturday, during the period from July 22 to August 28. In case of bad weather and other force majeure factors, this event will be postponed. The time and place of event will be subject to the service or steward notice.)   

Good and simple wishes for life, and all the beautiful things in life are expected derivatives. Everyone has a different definition of good yet tends to have similar good wishes. The differences lie in the contents and the similarities are feelings... 

From development to delivery and service, and to a co-creator of a better life with owners, SUNKIN Group has never stopped its pursuit of craftsmanship. It has been creating a setting of natural life for owners and providing intimate, warm steward service for the better life of SUNKIN home owners.

In the future, SUNKIN Group will strive to work on this island city with sincerity and fulfill your dream of beautiful life.

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