Only Proper Environment can Cultivate Children’s Potential!
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Jasper, the Germany philosopher once said, “Education is a tree shaking a tree, a cloud to promote a cloud, and a soul awaken another soul.”

Good education is providing children with different directions, creating opportunities to try new things, and freeing their minds, hands, feet, space and time in all aspects, so as to enrich children’s experience and soul, and nourish children’s integrated personality. 

Parents need to loosen their hands that have always been tightly holding their children. Growing with parents’ accompany is the best love.

Sunkin Greenwater Flower Stage III Mountain View is well aware of the above mentioned ideas, adhering to the concept of "seeing-off education", starting from full-age education, childlike innocence and space growth, and providing internal and external nourishing, so as to offer a perfect growth plan for the next generation, escorting the healthy future of children.

Full-age Education Cultivating Childrens Potential

Within the walking distance of 500 meters, full-age education schools are gathered, escorting children’s growth. The education circle right next to home makes it possible to see children off to school, so that children can walk to school with flowers on their way.

Poly Hele Kindergarten inspiring childrens intelligence

Kindergarten education as children’s first class is the top priority of parents. 

The community kindergarten of Sunkin Greenwater Flower introduced Hele Kindergarten of Poly Hele Education, with the education characteristics of physical education, cultivation education, and art education, and aims to cultivate international citizens under Chinese cultural background.

With the education experience of over 100 kindergartens in more than 64 large and medium sized city in China, and the loving teachers, the kindergarten will help every child to grow healthily, and cultivate an intelligent future.

Public primary school with 36 classes laying the growing foundation for children

Children in primary school are in a key period of cultivating interests and good quality. The Cuijiagou Primary School next to the community is just like a magic castle beside the forest with the background of green mountains. The school has modern streamlined teaching building, green sports ground, colorful art and sports hall, leading children to know the wonderful world with its wide space and soft colors.

Sunkin Chengyang No.17 Middle School leading the fabulous future

Middle school is the “boundary” of children’s future development, during which the support of good education and guidance of good teachers and friends are quite necessary.

Chengyang No. 17 Middle School, just one street across Sunkin Greenwater Flower Stage III Mountain View, is the new campus built by Sunkin Group. Surrounded by mountains and water, and with many qualified teachers, the school has won awards such as “Qingdao Standardized School”, and “China Experimental Schools for Parents Education Construction”. The education resources with good quality will help children have a bright future. There are also many schools around, including Huajie Bilingual School (about to recruit students) and Guokai No.1 Middle School, building a splendid future for your children. 

Nature Teaching Children about Colorful Childhood

The nature is the wisest teacher, and staying close to the nature is children’s favourite class. The Dan Mountain Forest Park of thousand acres behind the community is children’s museum of nature, with green trees and fragrant flower garden, where everything is worth repeated appreciation like books.

The project fully considers children’s growth in all aspects including entertainment, culture enlightenment, education, and exercise, creating the grand playground of about 60 thousand square meters, and building various sections in order to free children’s nature. There are parent-kid playgrounds divided by children’s age, such as 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12, so that children could cultivate intelligence accordingly when having fun. Families can enjoy themselves and children can let out their vitality on the oxygen ring track, walking path, and sunshine lawn.

Space for Growing, Suitable for Childrens Growth in Every Step

Children need space to grow, so when building the apartment buildings, the project focused on children’s growth, making the room flexible. There are full-featured type with three bedrooms, two washrooms of 97-107 square meters, and luxurious type with four bedrooms, which could fit for every step of life.

 The secondary bedroom is in the shape of square, so it can be arranged as a study when the family hasn’t got a kid, a playroom when the first child is born. With one soft cushion, one guitar, and one little tent, the family could have fun games, or have homework tutoring without any disrupt. When the second child is born, the balcony with broad view and bay window are the playground of children. They can play at leisure and look at the stars at night. The apartment provide proper residential function no matter when the second child is born or three generations living under one roof, satisfying the family’s need in every step of growth.

Sunkin Greenwater Flower Stage III Mountain View is a dream place of culture and nature, suitable for children to grow freely.

The place, where children having their merits, the elderly having their fun, and the heart having a place to rest, will be the ideal residence, which is also the best present for the growth of children, and also the best reward for the family.