Let’s Talk about Ideal Residence with Premium Quality in the Name of Villas
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Nowadays, in modern societies, people scramble for “limited edition”, no matter it is gold, diamond, or fashionable brands. Apart from the preciousness due to its scarcity, the symbol of status behind are what people constantly pursue.

As for construction, when the towering buildings continue to reshape the city skyline, and at the same time continue to squeeze people's living space, more and more people with high net worth began to choose "limited versionof low density living villas. Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang integrates the building and the city with originality, creating the villa with both prosperity and nature, offering the top customers with limited villas, and balancing between villa aesthetics and high-quality life.

Villa in the City, Born to be Glorious

When you are advancing in life, you can choose to live in the city center, instead of any others. Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang understands well of the yearnings of distinguished people in the city, chooses the main road of Heilongjiang Avenue, enjoying the collection of the citys best resources, resonating in the ideal life of people in higher levels, and creating the best residence among city villas.

The community has unique ecologic advantages, with abundant natural resources including Laoshan Mountain, Taihe Mountain, and Danshan Mountain. Right among the citys hustle and bustle, the community live with the nature, with each plant around containing poetry of life.

In the community you can see the prosperity of the city. Living next to the Oriental City Shopping Mall covering 170 thousand square meters, you can turn the shopping mall into your private playground, enjoying a gorgeous life, with good environment of residence with high quality.

It is no doubt that we should never ignore childrens education. In Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang, apart from the kindergarten with 12 classes in the community, there are also government public primary schools, for example the nearby Danshan Primary School and Chengyang No.17 Middle School, creating a good atmosphere for the children.

Expansive Space Showing Unique Characteristics

The living space of the villa is expansive, which is easy for you to arrange your life. The villa of Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang has up and down two floors, convenient to keep your order.  Downstairs is living area and upstairs is for your own, plus luxury courtyard / starlight terrace / variable underground lounge, where dynamic and static areas are clearly divided with rituals and orders.

Double Storey, Double Enjoyment

With the construction area of 173-185 square meters, the city villa of Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang is of proper house style, storey height about 3.3 meters. The enlarged space creates three-dimensional living mode, with enjoyment of both privacy and openness, practicability and entertainment. The design of two floors can help you enjoy the luxury life. On the first floor, there is integrated kitchen and dining room, where the open arrangement offers the whole place a good taste; on the second floor, there are two bedrooms facing the south, where the main bedroom is designed to be a suite, with independent bathroom and walk-in closet. The bedroom on the north is for children, which meets the demands of family with multiple kids.

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Poetic Yard, the Ideal Place of the Whole Family

Ones simplest wish: having a villa and a yard, planting some flowers, and watching the cloud outside of window.

Yard is a representative space in constructions, which emphasizes the protection of fengshui as well as the safety and privacy of residents. The first floor villa of Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang can serve as your outdoor exercise space, laying plants and flowers, or place some favorite landscape objects, making the yard cozy and elegant. Having some green plants and colorful flowers in the yard will make your home be fragrant all year around.

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Starlight Terrace, Satisfying the Reverie of Time

Terrace enablelife with more possibilities. In this private area, you can collect unexpected happiness in life at any time.On the starlight terrace, you can feel the poetic atmosphere filling your life. With the accompany of the soft wind, you can have a happy outdoor party with relatives and friends; you can sit here together with your family tasting the tea in a relaxed afternoon; you can also play some soft music and dance for your elegant life here; you can unload the extra weight of life, balance between nature and life, let both your heart and body rest on the lake, so that the life becomes broader.

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Variable Underground Lounge to Place Life and Dreams

For most of the ladies, a house with enough storage space to put their trophies is the proper residence; as to gentlemen’s point of view, it is a lifelong pursuit to have a place to relax. Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang has a variable underground lounge, where husbands and wives could satisfy their demands of life and interest.

If there is one floor of storage, childrens toys, seasonal electric appliances, or clothes out of the season could have place to be put away. As to the husband, it could be a gym and a wine cellar, or a video room, where they can ask friends to come and watch the famous movies, and sing songs with the family.

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As the scarce city villa in Qingdao, Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang is established between prosperous city and peaceful Danshan Mountains. With the construction area of 173-185 square meters, the stacked villa creates a balance sense of life, and the real ideal living environment. Sunkin Osmanthus Garden Ting Xiang helps you to achieve ideal of life in the wide environment. You have only one future and one villa to make your dream of high quality residence come true!