Sunkin Group had won Qingdao Top Ten Philanthropy Awards 2020 and Donation and Contribution for Fighting COVID-19 Awards
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On 7th January 2021, Qingdao Top Ten Philanthropy Awards 2020 Announcement Party organized by Qingdao Charity Federation was hosted in the studio of Qingdao TV Station.

In order to set up charity models, encourage the advanced groups and promote charity culture, Qingdao Charity Federation has carried out the selection of the " Top Ten Philanthropy Awards " in 2020. After careful consideration and selection of the committee, Sunkin Real Estate Group was honored for "Qingdao Top Ten Philanthropy Awards 2020" and "Donation and Contribution for Fighting COVID-19 Awards".

Qingdao Top Ten Philanthropy Awards 2020,Awards Announcement Party Night

These awards are affirmations of Sunkin Group’s charitable activities through community responsibilities and engagements. Throughout years, Sunkin Group has been growing together with the city. While constantly strengthening the enterprise expertise, we practice our social responsibilities as one of the top 100 private enterprises in Qingdao and was honored for "Outstanding Workplace of Philanthropy in Shandong Province", "Love Qingdao Charity Awards" and “Benevolent Enterprises” etc.

A decade of philanthropy to build a better community

Dedicated to charity work for the past decade, Sunkin Group has spared no effort in natural disaster relief, poverty alleviation and educational support. Sunkin Group established a corporate charity fund of RMB 30 million, and invested RMB three million to establish Sunkin Charity Foundation in Chengyang District, Qingdao. Nearly RMB one million was donated to earthquake-stricken areas for Yunan earthquake. We also actively participated in supporting poverty alleviation cooperation and donated over RMB one million.

Sunkin also focus on education and have successively contributed through the establishment of the Golden Autumn Educational Aid Fund. We have donated RMB 10.86 million in total for students with financial difficulties and invested nearly RMB 200 million to build schools.

In 2020, Sunkin Group donated RMB 8.29 million to help the development of education, and nearly RMB 200 thousand was contributed to help poverty alleviation cooperation, conveying the love of the enterprise.

Sunkin Group was honored for Qingdao Top Ten Philanthropy Awards 2020 

Take responsibilities and leading through tough time together

Social responsibility of enterprises are reflected not only in our everyday life, but also during critical times.

Year 2020 was started with pandemic outbreak, Sunkin Group fully played an exemplary and leading role of a responsible organization. We responded positively to the unified anti-epidemic command of the government, and ensured safety of public utilities, and participated in anti-epidemic charity donation at the first place.

Through Qingdao Charity Federation, Sunkin had donated RMB two million to the prevention and control of COVID-19, which highlighted the social responsibility of the group.

Sunkin Group Donation and Contribution for Fighting COVID-19 Award

Sunkin Group is well aware of the close connection between enterprises and the society. On the journey of development, we always integrate enterprise growth with the lifeline of the city and take it as our responsibility to promote the comprehensive developments of the city and improve the quality of life.

Sunkin Group will continue to uphold the philosophy of "fulfilling corporate social responsibility, promoting humanitarianism, helping disadvantaged groups, and contribute to the harmonious development of society", and will conntribute to social development through day-to-day actions.