The chairman of Sunkin, Mr. He Cun Fang wishes all colleagues a happy New Year!
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Time flies. Thanks all the striving and effort of Sunkin colleagues. In 2016, we created gratifying results and achievements as below:
Actual registered capital of 3.8 billion RMB
Net paid taxation of 206 million RMB.
The Sunkin Rose Garden as well as Guihua Garden had their grand opening respectively and received positive recognition.
Oriental Castle celebrated the 4th anniversary.
Sunkin International Fight Club cooperates with CKF and CCTV-5 to co-hold Sunkin International Integrated Combat Champions.
Successful result of Greenwater Flower I.
Wyndham Qingdao was awarded the "Qingdao tourism hotel gold star" and many other honors.
Sunkin Group was promoted to the first-grade qualification of Real Estate Development Company.
Xin Xing Tai Construction engineering co., LTD was promoted to the secondary general contracting qualification.

2017 is coming with the sound of firecrackers, and Sunkin group has already set the new goal of the year. We purchased an area of 150 thousand square meters of Si Hou community on 28 December, 2016. The second and third project of Rose Garden has been initiated. In the New Year, hope all the colleagues unite as one and achieve the goal of breaking the total asset of 5 billion RMB. Hope everybody can carry forward the corporate culture of  " Sunkin Spirit, Sunkin Speed, Sunkin Integrity " and create a glorious new chapter for Sunkin Group.

On the occasion of the New Year, the chairman of Sunkin, Mr.He Cun Fang congratulates all the colleagues a happy new year, united family and hope all your wishes come true!