Sunkin Group was founded in 1995 with a corporate mission to drive integrated urban development and help improve the human experience.  Today, Sunkin has grown into a diversified umbrella enterprise integrating residential and commercial real estate developments, hotel operations, and charity. They achieve billions of yuan in sales and pay hundreds of millions in taxes annually.

Sunkin Group's corporate culture is based chiefly on Sunkin Philosophy, Sunkin Innovation, and Sunkin Integrity. In its continued growth, Sunkin has upheld its corporate values of rigor, solidarity, collaboration, and responsibility while maintaining its philanthropic commitment to society.

Sunkin’s corporate execution philosophy is highly responsive, opportunity-seizing, pioneering, and innovative. Sunkin’s corporate operational philosophy focuses on demonstrating integrity, truthfulness, commitment, and devotion to its reputation.

2012 and years priorHonored as a Civility Corporation by Qingdao;Recognized as an Exemplary Enterprise for Charity;Accredited as an Ethical Enterprise Committed to Achieving Contracts with Integrity in Qingdao

2013Recognized by Chengyang for being an Enterprise with Extraordinary Tax Contributions

2014 Honored by Qingdao as an Enterprise that Promotes Education through Literature;Granted the Qingdao Charity Devotion Award

2015 Granted the Chengyang Charity Devotion Award; Acknowledged by Chengyang for being an Exemplary Group in Internal Auditing;Inducted into the Industry and Commerce Society of Chengyang; Accredited as an Ethical Enterprise Committed to Achieving Contracts with Integrity in Shandong Province

2017Recognized by Qingdao for being a Top 50 Enterprise with Extraordinary Tax Contributions

2019 Recognized by Qingdao for being a Top 100 Real Estate Development Enterprise

2020Recognized by Qingdao for being a Top 10 Charity Devoted Enterprise

Sunkin Group is a nationally qualified first-rate real estate developer. They are committed to developing high-quality residential communities that focus on improving the life experience for their residents. Sunkin developed more than 4 million square meters of real estate into 22 premium residential properties, including:Sunkin | Guihua Garden Sunkin | Flower RipplesSunkin | Chateau de Lafite Sunkin | CourtyardSunkin | Blossom Village Sunkin | Greenwood VillageSunkin | Garden Village Sunkin | Rose GardenSunkin | Auspicious Mansion Sunkin | HuafuSunkin’s catalog of residential communities offers a dwelling solution for every household configuration. From first-time home buyers to family property investments and everything in between, Sunkin has a home for you.

Sunkin Group is acclaimed for its dedication to creating exquisite landscaping designs for its property developments. Each location is a unique study of craftsmanship and imagination by combining classical French, neo-Asian, and traditional Chinese styles to form a superb ambient environment. Sunkin collaborates with a diverse group of prestigious domestic design institutions to deliver eco-friendly forward-thinking landscapes to their residential communities.  

Sunkin Group is approaching the completion of its premium international super grade-A commercial complex, Sunkin Center. This investment project resides in the newly developed center of Tang Dao Bay’s Finance, Science, and Technology Innovation Zone in the West Coast Area of Qingdao City. The full scale of the development consumes more than 180 thousand square meters of real estate. Sunkin Center will function as a platform for integrating high-technology research into business innovation.

Sunkin Center’s superstructure utilizes steel and concrete to form the core frame of its iconic U-shaped twin towers. The crest of high-rises A and B stand at 165 meters and 99 meters tall. Further, the habitable area for each level is 2,000 square meters and 1,600 square meters respectively. The lobby is 2,500 square meters of a column-free large-span shared foyer with a ceiling breadth of nearly 19 meters, marking a breakthrough and upgrade in Sunkin’s development and technical capabilities.

Sunkin Center has multi-dimensional transportation access, an unobstructed sea view, glass curtain walls, variable air volume (VAV) HVAC technology, imported intelligent elevators, and premium property services amongst the high-end office space and leisure facilities in its repertoire. Sunkin Group aims to bring a luxurious business experience to the core urban elites of Tangdao Bay’s global enterprises.

Sunkin Group owns and operates Wyndham hotel Qingdao, situated in the middle of a 50 thousand square meter French-style continental garden surrounded by European villas and majestic fountains in northern Qingdao. The hotel is well-equipped with nearly 380 guestrooms and luxury suites, pillar-less banquet halls, convention and meeting rooms, an indoor heated swimming pool, a full-range gym, a spa and sauna health club, in addition to multiple dining options. To include a buffet style Riverside Café, a traditional Shandong and Cantonese Harbor Chinese Restaurant, a Korean BBQ, and the Lobby Lounge. In recent years, the hotel had the honor of hosting many distinguished guests such as the Pakistani president during the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit and the Turkmenistan National Assembly delegation in 2019.

Sunkin solemnly believes as it expands in corporate size and economic strength, so too must its charitable footprint. They feel a tithing responsibility to promote a humanitarian spirit and actively participate in social public welfare undertakings.

2010 Established a 10 million yuan Sunkin Real Estate Charity Foundation

2011 Expanded the Sunkin Real Estate Charity Foundation to 25 million yuan

2014 Donated 1 million yuan to the Ludian, Yunnan earthquake disaster relief fund

2016 Established the 3 million yuan Sunkin Charity Foundation of Chengyang

2017 Established the 30 million yuan Chengyang Corporate Charity Title; Donated 500 thousand yuan to the Chengyang Charity Assosiation ;Established a 1 million yuan Golden Autumn Scholarship Fund granting college students from low income families with up to 10 thousand yuan in financial assistance; Donated 120 million yuan to the construction of Cuijiagou Elementary School

2020Donated 2 million yuan to the Qingdao Charity Foundation for the prevention and control effort of the Covid-19 epidemic  

As of 2022, Sunkin’s steady vigor has propelled its operating income to new heights while climbing the charts of Qingdao’s top 100 private enterprises. Thus, allowing them to renew their humanitarian commitments and extend their charitable reach further than ever. Sunkin Group and the city of Qingdao will continue to expand and prosper together with integrity, quality, ingenuity, and love for the people of their communities.