Sunkin Group was founded in 1995 with a corporate mission to drive integrated urban development and help to improve life experience. Over the past 26 years, Sunkin has grown into a diversified group enterprise integrating real estate development, hotel operations and charity. In 2018, it achieved more than RMB10.1 billion in sales and paid tax over RMB703 million.

Sunkin Group has a corporate culture chiefly based on “Sunkin Philosophy, Sunkin Innovation, and Sunkin Integrity” as the core culture. In its continuous growth, it upholds its corporate values of “rigor, solidarity & collaboration, responsibility, contribution to society”; corporate execution philosophy of “high responsiveness, opportunity seizing, model innovation, and pioneering”; corporate operational philosophy of “integrity as foundation, truth, commitment, and reputation” and had won many awards and honors of provincial and municipal levels.

“Civility Institution of Qingdao”;

“Exemplary Institution Engaged in Charity” for 2012;

“Enterprise of Contractual Commitment and Integrity” for 2012 -2013;

“Enterprise with Extraordinary Contribution to Taxes” of Chengyang District for 2013;

“Qingdao Enterprise Promoting Learning” and “Loving Qingdao Charity Award” enterprise for 2014;

“Charity Model” and “Charity Star” of Chengyang for 2015;

“Exemplary Group for Internal Audit” of Chengyang for 2015;

“Exemplary Institution” of Chengyang District Federation of Industry and Commerce Glory Society for 2015;

“Shandong Province Enterprise of Contractual Commitment and Integrity” for 2014 – 2015;

“Qingdao City Top 50 Enterprise in Local Taxes Paid” for 2017;  

Honored as Qingdao Top 100 Real Estate Development Enterprise for 2019;

Shortlisted as Qingdao City Top 100 Private Enterprise for 2019 and 2020;

Honored as “Qingdao Top 10 Charitable Enterprise” for 2020.

In real estate development, Sunkin Group has a national first-grade real estate development qualification; it is committed to developing high-quality residential projects and keeping on improving the life experience. It has successfully developed 21 premium residential projects targeting mixed groups of customers, such as Greenwater Muhua, Greenwater Garden, Chateau Lafite, Greenwater Flower, Sunkin Rose Garden, Guihua Garden, Courtyard, Sunkin Auspicious Mansion, Sunkin Garden River, and Sunkin Flower Ripples. With this range of products, the Group fully meets various housing needs at such stages as the first-time home purchase, first-time home remodeling, and final home remodeling; it has developed a total area of more than 4 million square meters. As regards landscaping design, it cooperates with famous domestic design institutes and, by combining neo-Asian and French styles with traditional Chinese culture, forms super-high-quality landscaping of the “Sunkin School”; it is dedicated to building a requisite eco-landscape in the residential housing complex.  

Adhering to the principle of quality first, Sunkin Real Estate meticulously works on every lot of land with commitment and craftsmanship. It has treated the market and customers conscientiously and honestly. In 2018 Sunkin Real Estate registered RMB4.15 billion in sales; in 2020 it increased the figure to RMB5.364 billion; it was ranked at the 11th place among the local real estate enterprises in Qingdao in terms of sales in 2018 and 2020 respectively (the above data and rankings are provided by CRIC Data).  

In hotel operations, Wyndham Qingdao is the only French-style Continental garden hotel with a building area of about 50,000 square meters in northern Qingdao. Boasting more than 380 guestrooms, the hotel has Sunkin Harbor Chinese Restaurant, Greenwater Café, and Shuangjiang Korean Restaurant. It is equipped with a full range of gym, spa, and other sports and health facilities. Besides, it has two pillar-less banquet halls (one is about 1,100 square meters and the other about 850 square meters) in addition to five small-/medium-sized meeting rooms to meet requirements for banquets and meetings of various sizes.

In 2018 the hotel was the establishment designated for reception by the Pakistani president during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit;

In 2019 the hotel succeeded in receiving the Turkmenistan National Assembly delegation.  

On the charity front, Sunkin Group has grown with the city. While continuing to grow itself, the Group has fulfilled its corporate social responsibility as one of the top 100 private enterprises in Qingdao. Upholding its tenet of “fulfilling corporate social responsibility, practicing humanitarianism, helping the weak, and contributing to harmonious social development”, it is actively engaged in various charity efforts.

In 2010, Sunkin Real Estate founded an RMB10 million charity foundation named after it;

In 2011, the Group raised the foundation to RMB25 million;

In 2014, the Group donated RMB1 million to the earthquake-hit area in Ludian, Yunnan;

In 2016, the Group donated RMB3 million to establish Chengyang District Sunkin Charity Foundation in Qingdao City;

In 2017, the Group founded the RMB1 million Autumn Education Fund aimed to help poverty-stricken college students with RMB5,000 to 10,000 as financial assistance. It donated RMB80 million to Chengyang No. 17 Middle School and invested RMB120 million in building Cujiagou Elementary School; in the same year, it established an RMB30 million foundation named after it through Chengyang District Charity and donated RMB500,000 to the Charity.

In 2020, it donated RMB2 million as soon as it could to Covid-19 prevention and control through Qingdao Charity Foundation;

In fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, the Group “grows with the city” and has been consistent in its charity efforts. It seeks to develop together with Qingdao through quality, integrity, craftsmanship, and charity and to work with the citizens for a good life.